Fresh Roasted Beans

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Fresh Roasted Beans

We are proud to source a variety of premium beans including Fair Trade and Organic options for all our locations.  We order in small batches so we can give our customers a variety, not often found in other coffee retailers.  We work directly with Canadian distributors to source the best beans to roast on site.

A variety of beans available but not limited to:

  • Columbian
  • Peru
  • Brazil
  • Mexican
  • Yirgacheffe
  • Gugi
  • Nicaraguan
  • Guatamalan
  • Honduras
  • Panama
  • Swiss Water Decaf
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Swiss Water Decaf

Swiss Water® Process uses the elements of water, temperature and time to create some of the most intriguing decaf coffee. First, we start with small batches of amazing coffee and green coffee extract. Then we add local water and a dash of loving attention by monitoring time and temperature until the coffee is 99.9% caffeine free.

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