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App and Rewards Program

Download the Global Payments App so you can check your gift card and rewards anytime!

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  • Free downloadable app
  • Mobile app for online ordering
  • Keep track of and reorder from past orders with ‘Order History’
  • Store locator
Twiggs Loyalty Rewards Gift Cards - Check Your Account Balance - Twiggs Coffee Roasters

Custom Gift Cards and Loyalty Rewards Program

Our new gift and loyalty program is ideal and easy to use!

Gift and loyalty functionality is fully integrated into our terminals, point of sale systems, and mobile solutions.

You can easily manage your gift and loyalty programs through our Merchant Portal in the free downloadable app.

Physical or virtual cards are available, giving you everything you need.

Check Your Card Balance

Collect Points to Earn More Valuable Rewards

The POS tracks guest accounts using iBeacon technology, eliminating the need to scan or swipe customer cards or collect phone numbers. With each visit, guests accumulate points which convert into rewards as point levels are met.

Customers rank up from Bronze to Silver to Gold the more they spend, and a higher rank can mean more valuable rewards. Guests are able to track their own loyalty points from the App. No more need for printing punch cards or plastic customer cards.

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Did You Know?

A portion of every cup sold helps the
Twiggs Foundation do good things in our community